Premium Extensions

Thanks to our Agency licenses, save thousands of euros per year with our free Premium extensions

Performance and Security

We may be the only platform in the world that offers NVME hosting: backing up or restoring a 150GB website takes about ten minutes versus 90 minutes on SSD. We’re also the only one to include SEO and digital marketing coaching as standard with all our WordPress hosting plans.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a premium open source web performance plugin for WordPress. The plugin uses caching to speed up website load times. 

WPvivid backup et migration Pro

Make a live copy of your website where you can test changes safely. Backup your website locally or in the cloud.

Image Optim Pro

Optimize an unlimited number of images, choose your own compression level. Convert to WebP.


Divi - Elegant Theme

Divi includes about 200 themes and over a thousand different pages. Ideal for the beginner, its powerful web builder is widely used by professionals. Our site was developed with Divi. We provide you with as many keys as you have WordPress included in your plan. With these you get all the Divi features and updates. If you were to purchase one, it would cost you $89/year.

Divi 404 Extended

Make a positive impression on your website visitors when they see a 404 error with this Divi plugin and its 10 beautiful pre-built custom 404 page layouts, which you can easily use as 404 page on your website.

Divi Den Pro

Divi Den Pro is the perfect complement to Divi, instead of full pages it offers thousands of blocks, for example menus, footers, faqs etc. It is very easy to use from the WordPress backoffice. Price: 215$/year included in your hosting.

Divi Coming Soon

Divi Coming Soon lets you use the power of Divi to create beautiful and effective Coming Soon pages, maintenance pages and pages under construction. Create your own layout or use one of our professionally designed Coming Soon pages (sold separately). 


Divi Hacks

Divi Hacks is the ultimate all-in-one Divi customization plugin with hundreds of different customization options.

Divi Switch

Full control over your website’s appearance Over 50 features to fully customize your Divi site

Divi Module Custom CSS Selectors

This  plugin adds over 500 new selectors to Divi modules


Divi Shop Builder

Extend the Divi builder to your WooCommerce Shop, Cart and Checkout pages. Create and customize all your ecommerce pages using Divi’s drag-and-drop builder. Includes 8 modules to style default WooCommerce pages with Divi.

product carousels for Divi

Beautiful, simple and fully customizable product sliders and carousels for your WooCommerce store. Add product carousels anywhere you use the Divi builder.

Divi Woocommerce Extended

Five additional modules including an Ajax cart, a carousel, a module dedicated to products and another to categories. Rate: 59$/year included in your hosting.


Divi Overlays

Divi Overlays is the most popular Divi Popup plugin and is the easiest (and most powerful) way to create beautiful full screen overlays, popups or modals using the Divi Builder.

Divi Bars

Divi Bars allows you to create beautiful sliding promotional bars, notification bars, optin bars and more, using the power and flexibility of Divi Creator

Divi Modal Popup

The Divi Modal Popup plugin offers you the ability to create popups for Divi in a much easier way. It  comes with several modal triggers and elements to activate the popup.


Divi Ghoster

Change the name of the default Divi or Extra theme. Change the author’s name. All future updates will appear as updates to your custom theme, with no mention of Elegant Themes, Divi or Extra.

Divi Dashboard

Divi Dashboard allows you to replace the WordPress dashboard with a dashboard created with Divi. Create a global dashboard that you can set up for all of your clients’ sites and update remotely in one go.

Page Builder Everywhere

Web Page Builder Everywhere allows you to use any design you save in the Divi library in areas that were previously inaccessible.


Divi Plus

An advanced Divi plugin with multiple modules, you can easily create breadcrumb trails, timelines, hotspot images, blog sliders, flip boxes, logo sliders, modal popups, price lists, etc.

Divi Flash

DiviFlash offers you 30 Divi builder modules in one premium Divi plugin to design a website that will stand out without any coding skills.

Divi Modules Pro

From Flipbox to Carousel, Divi Module Pro gives you all the creative modules you need to create beautiful and engaging websites with Divi.



Divi Post Extended

Increase reader engagement on your post by using the Divi Post Extended plugin. With 5 beautiful Divi blog post layouts, this Divi plugin not only makes your post attractive, but also makes your writing clearer and more readable.

Divi Blog Extras

A powerful Divi blog layout plugin to create attractive blog pages in Divi theme. Divi Blog Extras has 8 styles and also supports Custom Post Type. It has a wide customization control that will help you create beautiful blog and archive pages in Divi.


Divi Gallery Extended

An ultimate Divi gallery plugin that allows you to add images in an eye-catching masonry layout. Plus, multiple exciting features like more columns, column spacing, lightbox and other styling options make masonry gallery more than just an image gallery. Try it today for something new, something amazing.

Divi Blurb Extended

Create awesome presentation texts on your Divi site using Divi Blurb Extended and Advanced Flip Box module of this Divi plugin. It also includes 5 Divi Blurb layouts, 6 Advanced Flip Box layouts and more options, like the Read More button to make the blurb prettier than before.

Divi Restro Menu

Divi Restro Menu is a quick and easy way to add food items to your websiteyou can create beautiful food menus with multiple layouts, custom post types and filterable menus.

Divi Content Toggle

 This Divi plugin allows you to create content like monthly and yearly price tables, product feature comparison tables or tourist packages for example.

Divi Ajax Search

This Divi plugin adds a modern search bar that displays search results just below the search bar whenever users enter a query.

Divi – WordPress Hosting

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