SunEnergy : Case Study

SunEnergy and LaFactory Online: Successful collaboration for successful Google Ads and SEO campaigns


SunEnergy is a renowned Australian company specializing in solar energy solutions. In order to increase its online presence and improve its business performance, SunEnergy engaged the services of LaFactory Online, a digital marketing expert. Thanks to effective SEO and Google Ads strategies, SunEnergy has experienced dramatic growth. Find out how LaFactory Online contributed to this success.

Context and objectives

SunEnergy wanted to increase its online visibility, attract qualified traffic and convert more leads into customers. To achieve these goals, LaFactory Online developed a customized action plan for SunEnergy, including SEO optimization, Google Ads campaign creation and management, and performance tracking and analysis.

    SEO Strategy by LaFactory Online

    The first step consisted in a thorough audit of the website, in order to identify the aspects to be improved in terms of structure, content and incoming links. Following this audit, we started by optimizing the page loading speed by eliminating heavy and useless javascripts. The speed according to the GTmetrix index went from 26% to 82%.

    LaFactory Online developed a targeted keyword strategy, optimized the meta tags and H1-H6 tags, and enriched the content to meet the expectations of users and search engines. In parallel, LaFactory Online worked on SunEnergy’s inbound link profile, implementing an effective netlinking strategy.

    Google Ads campaigns by LaFactory Online

    In order to maximize SunEnergy’s return on investment, LaFactory Online designed custom Google Ads campaigns targeting the most relevant keywords for the company. Attractive and engaging ads were created, highlighting the benefits of SunEnergy’s solar energy solutions. The strategy adopted by LaFactory Online was based on regular bid adjustments, audience segmentation and conversion rate optimization. We created clean landing pages that load quickly on mobile and get straight to the point: a contact form to turn prospects into customers. In just one month, we increased the conversion rate by 25% and the bounce rate went from 82% to less than 3%.

    Results and performance

    The collaboration between SunEnergy and LaFactory Online demonstrates the importance of a combined Google Ads and SEO approach to increase online visibility and maximize ROI. The results underline LaFactory Online’s expertise in digital marketing and its ability to help companies achieve their goals. Please contact us at LaFactory Online to learn more about our services.

    Comparison between February and March 2023

    February 2023: When we take over SunEnergy, the statistics are pretty mundane. The bounce rate is 74% and the conversion rate is 0.8%. Nothing unusual, but we will dramatically improve these results in just a few weeks.

    March 2023: 1% conversion rate and 3.3% bounce rate. Exceptional results from the first month of our collaboration, expressed in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

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