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It is now easier than ever to cancel from your client portal, and the online cancellation market is highly competitive. LaFactory Online Agency 360° is up for the challenge.


LaFactory Online, a 360-degree digital agency, is proud to present, one of the websites of a Dutch company operating in 14 countries. Given the challenges faced by the French market, we have been entrusted with the task of restoring its success. This undertaking involves numerous difficulties, starting with the dire state of the Google Ads account. With a staggering 165 campaigns and thousands of advertising groups, a complex mix of automated campaigns (Performance Max, dynamic ads) and manually created ones, navigating this landscape is no easy feat.

Campaign Creation

The website is organized into categories: insurance, charitable donations, etc. These categories have become campaigns, and within them, we have created hundreds of advertising groups, each with their own keywords. There are no automated campaigns here: the choice of keywords and the writing of the ads have been entirely done by hand.

Keyword Research

Google Ads offers a powerful and free tool called Keyword Planner. Through our extensive research, we found that the most effective combination was using the keyword “résiliation” followed by the name of the service. Other keywords either had too low search volume, which Google Ads does not use, or were too broad when using the “broad” match type that allows the system to interpret our queries. In total, we have created over 800 advertising groups. At LaFactory Online Agence numérique 360 degrés, we strive to provide excellent digital solutions tailored to your needs.

Conversion Rate Definition

At LaFactory Online, a 360-degree digital agency, we understand that obtaining clicks may be simple for beginners. However, true experts focus on conversions for their clients. We know the value of ensuring a profitable margin, taking into account expenses such as letters, VAT, various charges, and taxes. That’s why we have set a maximum conversion cost of $10 per transaction, considering that approximately 20% of conversions are not registered by the system. Our goal is to deliver effective results that make a difference for your business. Trust us to take your online presence to the next level.

Our Results

At LaFactory Online Agence numérique 360 degrés, we have successfully achieved a 30% reduction in conversion costs for our client, allowing them to turn their financial situation around in France and regain profitability.

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