World Expo 2020

SEO Optimization for World Expo 2020: A look at the French and Russian strategies



World Expo 2020, held in Dubai, was a global event, attracting millions of visitors and showcasing technological and cultural innovations from around the world. To ensure an effective digital presence and to enable users to easily find information related to the event, it was essential to implement a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy in multiple languages, including French and Russian.

Analysis of existing pages

All the pages of the World Expo 2020 website were already online when our team was asked to optimize the SEO. We started by analyzing the existing pages to assess the relevance of titles, descriptions and keywords, taking into account the linguistic and cultural particularities of French and Russian.

Following this analysis, we developed a set of recommendations to improve the SEO of the French and Russian pages. These recommendations were presented in the form of tables in an Excel file to facilitate their integration by the site development teams.


Our suggestions

Page titles are a crucial element of SEO, as they give search engines and users a clear idea of the page content. Therefore, we recommended precise, informative and relevant titles for each page, respecting the character limit for search engines (about 60 characters).

Page descriptions, which appear below the titles in search results, play an important role in enticing users to click on the link. We suggested attractive and concise descriptions (between 150 and 160 characters) that highlight the strengths of each page, while including relevant keywords.

Keywords are essential for search engines to understand the subject of the page and to display it in the most relevant results. We have identified the most appropriate keywords for each page in French and Russian, taking into account the competition and the relevance for the target audience.

Implementation and follow-up

After presenting our recommendations to the development teams, we monitored their implementation and analyzed the results to verify the improvement in search engine positioning. This approach allowed us to adjust our recommendations if necessary and ensure optimal SEO for the World Expo 2020 website.

Optimizing the SEO in French and Russian for World Expo 2020 was a complex and rewarding process, which significantly improved the visibility of the site and attracted an international audience.

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