SEO project for Unilever

A complex project including illustrations and list of ingredients in French



Writing 500 SEO-optimized product sheets in French for Unilever was a strategic investment for the company. By improving SEO, enhancing product and brand value, facilitating the purchase decision process, adapting to the French-speaking market and creating unique and differentiating content, Unilever can strengthen its online presence and increase sales. This is part of an effective content strategy that contributes to the company’s success and growth in the international market. Ultimately, writing quality, SEO-optimized product sheets in French allows Unilever to connect with its French-speaking customers and provide an optimal user experience.


Improvement of the natural referencing

Optimizing product listings for SEO helps improve the ranking of Unilever products in search engine results, such as Google. Improved online visibility usually translates into increased traffic to the sales site and, therefore, increased sales. To optimize product listings, it is important to follow good SEO practices, such as using relevant keywords, writing catchy meta descriptions and creating alt tags for images.

Product and brand promotion

Writing quality French-language product information sheets helped to showcase Unilever’s products and reinforce the brand’s image among French-speaking consumers. By presenting the features and benefits of each product in a clear and attractive way, Unilever can encourage potential customers to make a purchase. We followed the brand’s Omnichannel charter, defined for the entire world. This determines the graphic design as well as the presentation of the text, with an introductory paragraph, a bullet point list of highlights, and finally the list of ingredients.

Facilitated purchase decision process

Well-written, SEO-optimized product sheets can help consumers make an informed purchase decision. By providing accurate, comprehensive, and easy-to-understand information about each product, Unilever makes the buying decision process easier for potential customers, increasing the chances of conversion.

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