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An original design around the theme of luxury. HobbyCurrency is hosted by LaFactory Online



HobbyCurrency.com is a website dedicated to hobbyists and collectors of coins, banknotes and other objects related to numismatics and notaphilia. Its design must offer a fluid and engaging user experience to meet the needs of its community. The web design focuses on creating a pleasant and engaging user experience for numismatics and notaphilia enthusiasts. By combining an attractive visual identity, a clear and structured layout, intuitive navigation, rich and interactive content, an integrated trading and selling platform, as well as a responsive and adaptive design, HobbyCurrency.com offers a quality online space for collectors and enthusiasts in the field. Ultimately, this successful design allows for easy exchange and sharing of knowledge and expertise within the numismatic community.

Visual identity and aesthetics

The design of HobbyCurrency.com is characterized by a simple and elegant visual identity. The color palette of red, gold, grey and white gives the site a luxurious and professional look. The logo, representing a gold coin, reflects the central theme of the site and reinforces its brand identity.

Clear and structured layout

The layout of HobbyCurrency.com is designed for easy navigation and reading. Visual elements and text blocks are harmoniously distributed on the page, offering a balance between informative content and white space. The main menu at the top of each page provides quick access to the different sections of the site and facilitates navigation.

Responsive design and cross-platform compatibility

The web design of HobbyCurrency.com is responsive, which means that it automatically adapts to all screen sizes and device types (computers, tablets and smartphones). This approach guarantees an optimal user experience, no matter which device is used to access the site.

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