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LaFactory Online

Trust the web pioneer: Since 1997, LaFactory has excelled through unparalleled expertise. LaFactory is the well-kept secret of companies, transmitted discreetly by word of mouth.

WordPress hosting with SEO and marketing support

We offer premium WordPress hosting plans, with free migration so you can easily move your site to our platform. In addition to that, our offerings also include professional SEO and eCommerce coaching to help you maximize your online visibility and achieve your business goals. We are committed to providing superior hosting solutions while helping you succeed online. WordPress Management, thousands of Premium Extensions included and a world exclusive Business Booster, our SEO and Digital Marketing Coaching offering.

SEO Coaching

Discover our exclusive SEO and Digital Marketing coaching offer, designed to take your business to new heights! At LaFactory, we are committed to providing you with the tools, strategies and personalized advice to optimize your online presence and increase your visibility to your target audience.

We manage your Google Ads campaigns

Trust LaFactory to manage your marketing campaigns on Google Ads, and benefit from a leading expertise to accelerate your online growth.


SEO Consultants

Our team of SEO consultants has extensive experience in search engine optimization. Having worked with companies of various sizes and industries, we have developed an in-depth understanding of winning strategies and advanced techniques to improve your website’s SEO.

Facebook Campaigns

Facebook is one of the most popular advertising platforms for reaching a large audience and growing your business online. However, managing effective advertising campaigns on Facebook can be a challenge. That’s where LaFactory Online can help. Discover below the main reasons why you should choose LaFactory Online for your Facebook advertising campaigns.

Divi – WordPress Hosting


All those testimonials are real and were published on our Upwork Profil

“Francis is simply exceptional. In a world where many just do the barest minimum to complete the job, Francis goes above and beyond. He owns the job like it was his own. He wants the entire project, not just his part to succeed. Francis is very experienced with website redesign and he transformed a slow unresponsive and dull landing page to one that can compete. I would recommend Francis to whoever wants needs an honest, skillful and dedicated person. I would be using him for my future jobs.”

Oluseyi Akinnibosun

CEO FroggyTalk

As a small business owner, I’ve always been keen on exploring the most effective ways to promote my products and services. After a fair share of trial and error, I can confidently say that partnering with Francis Rozange for our Google Ads campaigns was the best decision I’ve ever made. Francis Rozange is not just an expert in Google Ads, but an absolute virtuoso. His deep understanding of the platform, paired with his exceptional marketing instincts, has taken our business to unprecedented heights. 



“Francis completed this job in record time and went far beyond the initial request. I especially appreciated that he did not exaggerate the workload as many others did in their response. In fact, he was honest on this point and this allowed us to work in complete confidence. On the other hand, Francis is not stingy with his advice and he provides a perfect after-sales service. My experience was more than satisfactory, I can only recommend you to work with Francis. It is the guarantee that the work will be well done, in time and without excessive costs.”

Francois Soualhi


“The best SEO freelancer I have ever used. He doesn’t sell you SEO with crappy links. He says what he is going to do and he really does it. He has very good advises on social media. I will hire him again for my next website”

“Francis completed the project the same day, was very accommodating, even on Sundays, and went well beyond what was agreed upon. I definitely recommend the services of this digital marketing expert, you won’t regret it!!”

Dan Mamou

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